Monday, January 16, 2012

Scarlett Turns 1

My baby girl turned 1 today (I cant believe it has been a year)! We celebrated her birthday party yesterday with drinks, dinner, presents, and cake. It was the first real birthday party Rick and I have thrown - was a lot of work but I think it went very well.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas! In the morning the kids opened gifts and we all dug into our stockings. We didn't spend a lot this year, each kid got one $15 gift each then a few trinkets. Money has been tight and seems to be getting tighter, especially with Rick leaving the Army. However, we have decided to make it work, time together as a family is more important. Plus the girls are still so young that the boxes and bows seem to entertain them almost as much as the actual toys! :)

It was great getting to spend Christmas with the whole family and just hanging out (although I think all the adults would have liked to spend a little more time interacting and less time taking care of kids). However, as time goes on I am sure this will change, they will be more self-sufficient and we will get to play games together and talk.

Life is good.

Couple of challenges for the new year:
1. Taking pacy away from Tai-Tai
2. Scarlett learning to walk
3. More strict about brushing Tai's teeth every morning
4. Eating dinner together as a family at the actual dinner table!


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Scarlett can crawl

I am late in posting this...

About November 10th Scarlett started to officially crawl!!!! 9 months! YAY Scarlett!

She loves her new found freedom of being mobile and I am sure cant wait to show off at a family event.

In other news. My big girl, Tai Tai is getting her big girl furniture today: full bed, two dressers, and a night stand. I am so excited and cant wait to pick out a bedding set for her.

In health news: Scarlett had a double ear infection several weeks ago, the whole family has had two roungs of the stomach bug. But other than that all is well and healthy!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Break time?

I feel like I have been run through a very familiar blender....

Scarlett had her last dose of antibiotics for her ear infection on Monday. Then Tuesday daycare calls me and tells me she has a fever of 102.7, so I rush home to get her and have to leave work early in the middle of an important task. (urk)

Wednesday morning Scarlett still has her fever so Rick stays home with her and I go to work and make her an appointment to see the doctor, just to be sure it isn't her ears. The doctor says she has a viral infection and it will run it's course.

Wednesday night/Thursday morning her fever begins to go down but she breaks out into little red spots all over ther body. They don't seem to cause her discomfort so we send her to daycare Thursday and just warn them about the spots.

Thursday evening Tai, Scarlett and I play outside then we go in and the girls get a bath. It is my night to get up with Scarlett and she cried from about 11 pm to morning, very rough night.

Friday morning, when I finally get her up and turn on the lights, I notice hot, red, itchy welts all over her body! Oh geeeeeeez. The benadryl bottle says not to give to children under 6 years but I figure if I give her a quarter of the dose it will be okay. It did the trick! The welts went down but she seemed very groggy, so I took her to daycare and tried to rock her to sleep but she was fighting the meds. So grudgingly I left her with the teacher and went to work. Thankfully, I called daycare an hour ago and they said there was only one red spot on her knee and she seemed to be doing better after a nap.

Is it break time?
Fingers crossed for a better (HEALTHY) weekend.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

And the verdict is....

We do not have a foundation problem! woo hoo!!!!!!!

We had an engineer come out and look over our house today, check the foundation and do measurements. Turns out our house is only 2.5 inches unlevel, which, he says, is very normal considering this time of year and the bad drought we have had. He says he wouldn't be surprised if, after a year, it was down to only 1.5 inches unlevel. He said there is only reason to be concerned when you hit 5+ inches. He also said our actual foundation is intact and not cracked and to just ingore the little (although some are not so little) cracks we are seeing pop up around the house. He told us the sides of the house to continue soaking (low areas) and the sideds of the house to refrain from soaking (the higher level places).

All in all, we are soooooo relieved.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Scarlett's ENT apt

Scarlett had her ENT appointment this morning. The doctor said she could still see fluid in her ears even after being on antiobiotics for 5 days. She said she is willing to put tubes in her but we would have to jump thru a few hoops in order to get insurance to pay for it. So she is scheduled to have a hearing test next Friday and see the doctor again to see if the fluid is still there.

In other news - Tai was bitten at daycare this morning!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What a terrible weekend!

1. Thursday night Tai's nose started running
2. Friday night my nose started running
3. Saturday morning Scarlett's nose started running
4. Sunday morning Scarlett's right eardrum ruptured (puss running out and all). So I took her to the doctor and sure enough, both her ears were infected. So I filled the antibiotic prescription and she started getting better.
5. Monday everyone started to feel better
6. Tuesday morning, my car wouldn't start to go to work

What else? Bring it on!

Anyways - the weather is much nicer. :)

So I refuse to go through what I went through with Tai. She was on antibiotics from when she was 4 months old till she was 18 months. Antibiotics EVERY month. That is too much and can not be a healthy way to live. So, I have called the ENT and have Scarlett scheduled to see Dr. Gibbs (who put in Tai's tubes) this Friday for a tubes consult. We have already meet out family deductible for the year and I don't want Scarlett to start the winter off with runny noses and constant ear infections. Heck no!

Will post more on the outcome of the consult.